Posted: 09.10.2023 10:54:00

Netherlands to allocate over 100m Euros in third aid package to Ukraine

This year, the Netherlands will allocate a third aid package to Ukraine – worth 102m Euros – according to the Cabinet of Ministers of the Netherlands, RIA Novosti reports


The government statement, quoted by the news agency, said, “The Netherlands is allocating 102m Euros for the third aid package to Ukraine in 2023... Of this additional contribution, 60m Euros will go to support Dutch companies that want to contribute to the country’s recovery.”

Moreover, it is reported that 30m Euros of the allocated amount will be used for the purchase of gas and the supply of spare parts for the electrical grid in Ukraine in anticipation of winter. The remaining 12m Euros will go to the IMF, which provides technical assistance to Kiev for reforms, and other purposes.

Previously, the Dutch government also stated that this year the country intends to provide military assistance to Ukraine worth 2.5bn Euros. To date, Dutch military assistance to Kiev stands at 1.9bn Euros.