Posted: 12.04.2023 10:54:00

MP: it’s necessary to achieve independence in science-intensive and high-tech areas

The driver of the Belarusian-Russian integration is twenty-eight Union State sectoral programmes. As is stated at the highest level, over 70 percent of the activities related to their implementation have already been completed. It is important not only to fully implement the outlined plans, but also to try to do it at a faster pace, with those related to import substitution deserving special attention – as noted by Sergei Klishevich, a member of the Standing Commission on Education, Culture and Science of the House of Representatives.

“Thanks to the joint efforts of Belarus and Russia, today it is possible to solve one of the most important tasks of import substitution, enabling the Union State to pursue the domestic and foreign policy that meets the interests of our peoples. Yes, we have many friends: China, India, Pakistan, Iran, etc. And all of them are ready to help us in the supply of components necessary for the industry. But ideally, it is necessary to achieve independence across all spheres of production, as it was in the Soviet Union, when it was completely autonomous in economic terms. All science-intensive and high-tech areas deserve special attention. We have everything for success: resources, personnel and, importantly, the strong will and desire of all participants, from political leaders to direct executives. Belarus did not destroy the powerful Soviet scientific and industrial school, and at this stage it can be adapted to modern conditions and needs,” Sergei Klishevich believes.