Posted: 06.07.2022 10:55:00

Montenegro citizens collected thousands of signatures to lift anti-Russian sanctions

Residents of Montenegro demanded the lifting of sanctions against Russia, with citizens of this country collecting six thousand signatures under the relevant resolution, which is now obliged to be considered by the Parliament of Montenegro, TASS reports


Mirko Rmandić, a member of the steering committee of the Montenegrin Svetosavska Party, said that Russia is one of the few countries that has always treated Montenegro well.

“For the sake of the honour of our ancestors and descendants, we demand the lifting of sanctions against Russia,” he added.

Citizens of the country began to collect signatures for the abolition of the imposed restrictions on May 9th. In order for the Parliament to consider the resolution, it had to be signed by six thousand people. It was possible to collect such a number of signatures by the end of June. Despite this, it was decided to extend the collection of signatures until autumn, so that every citizen of the country who wishes could express their disagreement with the sanctions against Russia.

According to Mirko Rmandić, anti-Russian sanctions were introduced illegally. The Parliament will consider the resolution on their abolition in autumn.