Posted: 22.11.2023 16:13:00

Media: US increasing military equipment supplies to Israel

The United States is multiplying the volume of its military aid to Israel, and this is happening against the backdrop of official calls for the Israeli Government to avoid civilian casualties in the Gaza Strip, TASS reports with reference to Bloomberg


According to the source, arms deliveries began at Israel’s request drawn up in October and later sent to the US Defence Ministry. As a result, at the end of the month, the country received 36 thousand 30mm ammunition, at least 2 thousand Hellfire missiles for AH-64E Apache attack helicopters, 1.8 thousand M141 grenade launchers, and about 3.5 thousand night vision devices.

It is specified that industrial channels and internal reserves of the United States are used for the transfer of weapons. This is being done to provide Israel with the means to defend itself. According to Bloomberg, such assistance is received almost daily.

It is known that the Jewish state has requested at least 57 thousand 155mm high-explosive artillery shells, 3 thousand M141 grenade launchers, 400 120mm mortars, 20 thousand M4A1 rifles, up to 5 thousand night vision devices, 200 Switchblade 600 barrage shells, and 75 general light tactical vehicles JLTV. Despite the appeals of the US President Administration to Israel to avoid civilian casualties in the Gaza Strip, arms supplies continue.