Posted: 08.06.2023 12:19:00

Lukashenko: to stop the conflict in Ukraine is number one issue now

During his today’s meeting with the secretaries of the Security Councils of the CSTO member states, Belarus’ President emphasised that it is now important to stop the conflict in Ukraine, rather than to search for its causes


Aleksandr Lukashenko noted, “Any of our meetings cannot do without discussing the situation in Ukraine. As an experienced politician, I would just like to ask you not to try to look for any reasons. Sooner or later, we will talk about the causes of this conflict, but the most important issue now is to stop this conflict.”

The Head of State pointed out that Western propaganda had initially listed Belarus and Russia as co-aggressor countries. However, all the actions of Minsk and Moscow indicate a different nature of their position.

“I must say that ‘the co-aggressors’ proposed a peace process from the third day of the conflict, and maybe even from the first day. [That process] started here, in Belarus, in Gomel, and later they wished to move it to the western direction, to Brest. Then they were ordered not to come to Belarus, and I know that for sure. [A proposal was made] to go to Istanbul. There, in Istanbul, a project with major concessions to the Russian Federation was developed. It was initialled by the delegation heads, and it was exchanged. Why did not they progress further? Most likely, that was because Ukraine did not make those decisions then, not to say about present days,” the Head of State noted.

Aleksandr Lukashenko said that, in a conversation with Vladimir Putin the day before, they noted that, at the current moment, the West – fighting in Ukraine – is waiting for the results of ‘a counteroffensive’. If there were no Western weapons and mercenaries there, then everything would have ended there long ago. There is only one reasonable way out of the situation. The President of Belarus once again urged, “It is necessary to negotiate. This is the position of the Russian President as well, and it was Belarus’ position from the beginning. I know that for sure, and probably even more than anyone else. This is because we often meet with the President of Russia. Therefore, there should be only peace. However, peace is not needed for the West, which has taken hold of Ukraine – so that to crush Russia and wipe the floor with it. This will not happen. You know Russians, you know us. We will not drop on knees. Therefore, it is necessary to negotiate while it is possible. It will be getting worse further.”