Posted: 05.12.2022 12:12:00

Lukashenko highlights key points for Belarusian healthcare system

The situation with respiratory infections, drug provision, the release of vaccines and interaction with the military: these topics related to the current state of affairs in the healthcare system were discussed today at the Palace of Independence. Being reported by Healthcare Minister Dmitry Pinevich, Aleksandr Lukashenko, drew attention to a number of important issues.


In particular, the President stressed that the country’s security issues have been recently discussed, which is very important and relevant nowadays, “Everyone was involved, including healthcare: from first-aid kits to bringing medical institutions to a normal state. We also engage military doctors while the military are working with civilians. There must be a very intensive exchange here.”

The Head of State noted that at the beginning of the special military operation in Ukraine, the wounded were admitted to Belarusian hospitals, adding that, “We must prepare for everything. Anything can happen. And here the training of the military, the military are joining the civilians, there is nothing to share in this regard. What is the situation here?”

The Belarusian leader also asked about the situation with respiratory infections, “Unfortunately, the topic is currently very relevant. It seems to me, more than ever ... People are getting the flu, and COVID has not completely gone yet. The second issue tackles vaccines. I’d like to thank the Chinese people and my friend Xi Jinping for not forgetting us and providing assistance. At the same time, we are also producing vaccines and creating our own base in order to get away from imports. That is, the topic of import substitution is also urgent.”

Another topic in the spotlight is drug provision. Aleksandr Lukashenko asked how things are going here: is there any movement in terms of increasing the share of domestic medicines.