Posted: 20.10.2021 16:12:00

Lukashenko about cautious optimism in COVID dynamics

In his talk to the Minsk Regional Clinical Hospital staff today, Aleksandr Lukashenko mentioned the main result of yesterday's meeting on the epidemiological situation. According to the Head of State, there is a feeling of cautious optimism in the dynamics of COVID-19 cases.

“There is growth but it’s not as strong as it was two weeks ago. There is some cautious optimism that we will make it through. We’ll definitely make it through. We now wish this to happen quicker,” he said.

The President noted that, at this stage, COVID-19 has supressed not only the flu (there are rare cases now) but lower cancer incidence is registered.   

At the same time, the Head of State urged doctors not to cease – despite all the difficulties – the provision of routine medical care, “Imagine that there is a war now, that we live in wartime. We cannot deprive people of medical assistance. If a person cannot consult doctor in a polyclinic or a hospital, they begin to worry. Even your meeting with a sick person, a patient, or an elderly brings them recovery. Therefore, in no case such medical care should be stopped.”

Aleksandr Lukashenko thanked doctors for their hard work in conditions of a new wave of coronavirus, “I see that you deal with great difficulties – as probably it happens everywhere – but you are coping well. Thank you so much for your work!”