Posted: 08.05.2022 15:24:00

Kostevich: devotion to Motherland and respect to state symbols are laid in family

Devotion and love to the Motherland, respect to state symbols are primarily laid in the family – as noted by Belarus’ Labour and Social Protection Minister, Irina Kostevich, BelTA reports


"Devotion and love to the Motherland, respect to state symbols are laid first of all in the family. Therefore, we – parents – should be a model for our children, we should tell them about our history, centuries-old traditions and fundamental values," Ms. Kostevich stressed.

She added that our young generation should know that industriousness and creativity, courage and nobility, a desire to live in peace and harmony are the main national and spiritual values of Belarusians, and they are reflected in Belarus’ state symbols.

"Every independent state has its own symbols. As it got its flag, emblem and anthem, Belarus consolidated its status as an independent and sovereign state. Despite today's unprecedented external pressure, the Belarusian people are proud to defend their national interests," Ms. Kostevich stressed, noting that the national flag is not simply a symbol of our Motherland: many associate it with the history of personal successes or victories.