National Unity Alley with 152 flags to decorate Minsk

... of the country. Belarus’ national flag will head the alley. The ...

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Protest against Ukrainian flags on public transport began in Poland

In Poland, representatives of the Confederation of the Polish Crown youth party came out to the cities of Wroclaw to protest against Ukrainian flags being placed on public transport in the city, RIA Novosti reports with reference to Wirtualna Polska Representatives of the Polish youth said that they are not satisfied with some of the actions of their country’s government. “We do not want to make Ukropolia out of Poland and we will not allow our government to do this,” said the participants in ...

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We are proud of our symbols!

... This year, Belarus celebrated National Flag and Emblem Day on the ... choice, our values, our flag and anthem, the President emphasised ... Patriotic War by the national flag, the successor to the ... betrayal and collaborationism. No flag and emblem are to blame ... drill team brought the State flag to the square. Youth ... Republic of Belarus’. National Flag and Emblem Day is celebrated ... of the country, the State Flag Square was officially opened. ... When creating the State Flag Square, architects proposed 26 ...

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Belarus’ emblem and flag are not simply state symbols, but part of internal culture

... National Emblem and the National Flag of the Republic of Belarus ... development. Therefore, the emblem and flag of Belarus are not mere ...

emblem , flag , holiday , Belarus

Kostevich: devotion to Motherland and respect to state symbols are laid in family

... symbols. As it got its flag, emblem and anthem, Belarus consolidated ... stressed, noting that the national flag is not simply a symbol ...

emblem , flag , holiday , Belarus

Lukashenko: state emblem and state flag embody Belarus’ sovereignty and national unity

... State Emblem and the State Flag. Solemn events are traditionally held ... this day, and the National Flag Square has become the centre ... our choice, our values, our flag and our emblem then,” Aleksandr ... that our state emblem and flag were created by people inspired ... . “The canvas of the state flag – which is a successor of ...

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Day of State Emblem and State Flag of Belarus celebrated on May 8th

... State Emblem and the State Flag of the Republic of Belarus ... symbolic since the emblem, the flag, the anthem and the Great ... of the Constitution, the National Flag, the National Emblem and the ... information about the emblem, the flag and the anthem. The State ... Flag Square in Minsk is another ... years of independence, the Belarusian flag travelled into space, climbed the ...

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