Posted: 18.10.2023 12:20:00

Kochanova expressed gratitude to Venezuelan parliamentarians for supporting Belarus at international platforms

At a time of deep turbulence in the world, when everything is very unstable, countries such as Venezuela and Belarus set an example of how today states can live by their own laws and traditions, developing for the benefit of their nations – as stated by Chairperson of the Council of the Republic of the National Assembly Natalya Kochanova during her meeting with Foreign Minister of the Bolivarian Republic of Venezuela Yvan Eduardo Gil Pinto

Natalya Kochanova focused on the importance of the role of parliamentarians in this situation, particularly, their interaction at the international level, “We’re very grateful to you for your support of our country at all international platforms. You know that these years were difficult in the history of our country, based on the external situation that developed around us. As far as the internal political situation is concerned, it is stable. Our country not only lives, but develops, adopting the major laws that our people need. In 2022, we made changes into the Basic Law, and today almost all laws have been brought into compliance with these amendments. We have a stable economy, enterprises are operating, we are implementing all the social programmes undertaken by the state; this is very important for us.”

The Chairperson of the Council of the Republic also recalled the Venezuelan President Nicolas Maduro’s visit to Belarus, “At that time, we talked about interference in the internal affairs of Venezuela. The same thing happened in 2020 with our country. Sanction pressure and interference in the internal affairs of our country are the attempts that failed, despite the desire of America and the collective West to destabilise the situation. I’m talking about this because you understand perfectly well how difficult it is for the country to develop in such situations.”

According to Natalya Kochanova, it’s very important that in such conditions there are truly good and friendly relations between the countries, which put the life of their people and a peaceful policy on the external contour at the forefront.

“We never threatened anyone. And our country will never engage in aggression against another state, because we understand perfectly well what peace and tranquillity mean in our land. Of course, a lot depends on parliamentarians in this regard. We must convey the truth to our colleagues, who may or may not want to hear it. That’s why we pay special attention to co-operation between parliamentarians of our countries,” underlined the Chairperson of the Council of the Republic.