Posted: 26.09.2023 13:58:00

Klishevich at meeting with Chinese deputy: Belarus, China openly advocate for a just world order

As part of the 9th Conference of the Inter-Parliamentary Union, deputy Sergei Klishevich has met with deputy of the National People’s Congress Liu Kai to discuss issues of strengthening bilateral co-operation, including in the field of youth policy

Liu Kai noted that the foundation of respectful allied relations between the two countries was laid by Aleksandr Lukashenko and Xi Jinping. The deputy expressed confidence in the success of bilateral relationships, and also proposed a number of joint projects for implementation, particularly, the establishment of air services between separate cities of our countries, as well as the exchange of experience in industrial production.

In turn, deputy Sergei Klishevich noted, “Belarus and China have a long history of bilateral relations, which are based on the experience and political will of our national leaders. In the context of the geopolitical transformation of the world, Belarus and China openly advocate a just world order based on respect for the traditions and peculiarities of development of different countries of the world. Moreover, we are together fighting for the reasonable introduction of modern technologies into the life of ordinary people. At the same time, it should be noted that uncontrolled informatisation can lead to the penetration of alien ideas and rules into our societies, which can ultimately result in catastrophic consequences for our countries.”

The two parties expressed support for each other, agreeing on further contacts in the name of friendship and the development of mutually beneficial relations.

photos by Sergei Klishevich