Posted: 22.02.2023 17:47:00

Khrenin on military activity around Belarus: we want peace and will do everything to ensure it

In the Year of Peace and Creation, we began to talk more often about a peaceful sky, about security, and independence – as Belarus’ Defence Minister Lieutenant-General Viktor Khrenin told reporters before the solemn assembly and the festive concert dedicated to the Day of Fatherland Defenders and the Armed Forces of the Republic of Belarus

“This is required by the situation,” Viktor Khrenin stressed. “The situation in the region is such that there is an increase in military activity, a special military operation in Ukraine, increased information pressure on our people. This, of course, cannot but disturb the Belarusian nation. Our people understand what is happening, and today everyone is doing their job in their place. We are developing our agriculture. We don’t want war. We want peace and we will do our best to ensure this peace.”

The Minister noted that today, our servicemen carry out the tasks of protecting sections of the state border, organise the co-ordination of the regional group, and are on combat duty on the ground and in the air, “They do it for only one purpose: so that no one would even think of coming to our land with a war. We raise our children, we build cities, we live a free, independent, peaceful life, we help those who need help. And we do this without asking for anything in return. Today, our military doctors have been helping the Syrian people for more than seven days, accepting 200 people a day. Our military pilots made more than one flight to the affected peoples of Türkiye and Syria, delivering rescuers and humanitarian aid there. This once again emphasises that we want peace and creation.”

Viktor Khrenin summed up that the holiday of February 23rd is a nationwide celebration, “The nationwide nature of the holiday is underlined by the fact that for us, for our Fatherland, this is a sacred duty. On this day, we pay tribute to all generations of defenders of the Fatherland.”