Posted: 22.03.2023 17:54:00

Khatyn Memorial undergone changes and now has restored marble and Eternal Flame

A large-scale reconstruction of the Khatyn Memorial Complex has been carried out for the first time, and its main goal was to preserve the original appearance as much as possible. The work has been done in accordance with a task set by the President a year ago, and – as noted by Dmitry Babak, the chief engineer of Minsk Regional Executive Committee’s Capital Construction Department – there should be no ‘Western-style remodelling’.

“We have restored all the elements of marble and granite, which have fallen into some disrepair in recent sixty years. Marble has been restored on the Crown of Memory memorial and the Unconquered Man sculpture. We have renewed the space near the Eternal Flame, while putting the samples of soil in new sealed flasks in the Cemetery of Villages. In addition, some elements that did not fit into the concept of the memorial have been dismantled: i.e. stainless-steel handrails on all parapets have been replaced with dark ones. This is a place of sorrow, there should be nothing that glitters,” the specialist commented.

Restoration work was carried out on the entire area of the complex. At the same time, the memorial was not closed to the public for a single day.