Posted: 26.02.2024 09:42:00

Karpenko on Department of State reaction: we’ll figure out without US what we should do and how to hold elections

We’ll figure out without the United States what to do and how to conduct our elections – as stated by the Central Election Commission Chairman Igor Karpenko at a press conference in the CEC Information Centre

“I don’t know how they assessed everything from overseas so quickly. We somehow do not condemn their elections and do not make any statements, although there were a lot of questions on the surface there, even regarding the latest presidential elections. I think we’ve all seen mail-in ballots being thrown out and stuff like that. Moreover, it was not even our information, it was their information.”

According to the CEC Chairman, the United States has had enough of trying on the role of the ‘world observer’ and should be engaged in settling its own internal problems, “The US is guided by the principle: we are larger in size, meaning that we must tell everyone what to do. I think that we will figure out without the US what we need to do in our country and how to hold elections.”