Posted: 01.02.2024 17:24:00

In 2023, Russians’ demand for air travel to Belarus increased by more than a third

Demand for air travel from Russia to Belarus last year increased by 35 percent compared to 2022, the Yandex Travel service said in a statement


“Russians now fly to neighbouring countries more often,” the statement reads. “Demand for travel to Azerbaijan increased by 84 percent, to Georgia by 45 percent, and to Belarus by 35 percent.”

Service analysts conducted a study of data on ticket searches and hotel bookings. The results also showed a significant increase in the popularity of countries in Asia and Africa. The demand of Russians for travel to Japan increased the most – almost six times – by 570 percent compared against 2022. There has been a noticeable surge of interest in Indonesia, the Philippines, Thailand and South Korea. Thanks to affordable direct flights, Russian travellers were also more willing to visit China, India and Iran.

Earlier, Yandex Travel analysts named the top-10 countries to which Russians fly most often. The most popular destinations include Turkiye, Armenia and Uzbekistan, followed by Kazakhstan, Azerbaijan, the UAE, Belarus, Kyrgyzstan, Thailand and China.