Posted: 05.01.2024 18:00:00

Belarus’ President hockey team congratulated orphaned children on upcoming Christmas

The hockey players of the Belarusian leader’s team visited Vitebsk with the warmest and most sincere project of the President’s Sports Club

The visit was paid to the Vitebsk orphanage, where sixty-five 3-17-aged children live. The President's team brought educational complexes for these boys and girls, as well as numerous gifts: football boots, skates, bicycles, scooters, swimming equipment in the pool, and much more – to make the children’s staying in the orphanage more comfortable and better. The fairy-tale atmosphere of a theatrical performance charmed all those present, and the guests were its active and engaged spectators.

Actually, many children are unlikely to forget this day as they visited the Ice Palace and were invited to a master class by the hockey players. Happy smiles and sparkling eyes of the boys and girls virtually warmed all those around them.

Yaroslav Chupris, the forward of the President’s team, shared his emotions later, “I am a parent myself, so I understand how valuable personal attention is. Any piece of happiness, any attention and gifts are important for children. I am sure that there is never too much love, and it is always necessary to generously share these emotions – especially when there is such an opportunity. Therefore, participation in this Christmas tradition is always a sincere pleasure for me and my colleagues. It began in 2013, and – over this time – the campaign has become an important traditional event for us. It is with great joy that we come to the children and try to do everything possible to give them as much happiness and love as possible. It's inspiring!”

Andrei Kostitsyn was also smiling while training the boys and girls on the ice. As he noted, it is always possible to find time and effort for such an event. “I want the guys to stay on the ice and feel how great it is. It doesn't matter if they can skate or not. We will render support! The process itself and the opportunity to give some care to these children, to support their desire for sports matter. Such events help attract young people to the healthy lifestyle, give them confidence in the best and encourage them to new achievements, regardless of what they will do in life,” the sportsman said.

12-year-old Vitaly Bobrov regretfully said goodbye to the guests, admitting that he was full of impressions, “It was cool! I used to love football more in the past, but I admire hockey no less now! I did not even expect it to be such a wonderful day! It's great that we have managed to meet with the hockey players of the Presidential team. We will have something to tell our friends about.”

The Director of the Vitebsk Orphanage, Natalia Kultenko, expressed her sincere gratitude to the President’s Sports Club, “It was a truly unique event for our children. Almost all of them visited the Ice Palace for the first time today, got acquainted with the achievements of the Vitebsk hockey team during the tour. Some were skating for the first time. The boys and girls, as well as our guests, enjoyed the personal communication. Even the children – who had rarely smiled before – were smiling today. That stands high! I am sure that this meeting will be a special page in the life of our boys and girls.”