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Health technologies

Attracting large pharmaceutical players, innovation and traditional Chinese medicine — Great Stone expands medical cluster

Industrial Park Great Stone attracts dozens of innovative companies from all over the world due to its favourable geographical location and advantageous conditions for business development. Among them, an important place is occupied by medical and pharmaceutical companies. Of particular interest are projects in the field of traditional Chinese medicine — the capacity of this market is estimated at ten billion dollars. Special conditions are being created for all these areas in our country that allow unhindered work for the benefit of people’s health. In this regard, representatives of the Great Stone are actively working to attract major foreign players. No less attention is paid to innovative developments in this area.

Aleksandr Kulevsky

Oriental vector

According to Kirill Koroteyev, First Deputy Director General of SZAO Industrial Park Development Company, Industrial Park Great Stone now places great emphasis on the development of traditional Chinese and innovative medicine, the production of medicines, as well as medical equipment. At the moment, a whole cluster is already being formed, in which Chinese companies will play an important role.
— We actively involve Chinese partners who work in this direction in our project. So, on the eve of the presentation of investment opportunities of the industrial park, as well as preferences in the field of pharmaceuticals and the provision of medical services, took place in Gansu province. We plan to develop this direction. Legislation in our country provides a number of benefits and preferences for it. Now we are faced with an important task to demonstrate new opportunities to potential partners. 
Also, according to him, in the field of Chinese medicine, target players have already been identified, with whom they would like to co-operate in the ‘Great Stone’ in the first place. Among them is Sinopharm Corporation. 
— Previously, we purchased a coronavirus vaccine from this company, and they also gave it to us free of charge. Now we intend to co-operate with them more widely, including on investing in Belarus. A working group has been created for this. They are already studying the investment potential of the park. The company operates both in traditional Chinese medicine and in European medicine. 
Kirill Koroteyev also noted that the day before, a delegation led by Healthcare Minister Dmitry Pinevich held talks in China with Sinopharm and Genertech corporations on expanding co-operation in the supply, localisation and service of medical equipment, including the Industrial Park Great Stone site. These practical negotiations are the result of agreements reached during a visit to China by First Deputy Prime Minister Nikolai Snopkov.
— We plan to attract a sufficient number of companies that work in traditional Chinese medicine and innovative medical technologies. For this, all obstacles are removed in Belarus. 
For example, Presidential Decree No. 161 dated June 1st, 2023 was signed, which made adjustments to improve the working conditions in the China-Belarus Industrial Park Great Stone.

Chinese innovation

Among the companies that bring unique medical technologies from China to the project is a resident of Haihunbel Medical Scientific and Technical Company LLC, which registered in July. It was founded by HAIHONG, a subsidiary of SINOMACH Corporation, and plans to promote advanced adaptable medical projects in the field of 3D printing of medical devices in Belarus.
Haihong Industrial Chairman Li Zhifang said the company specialises in the research, development, production and sales of personalised rehabilitation assistive devices and 3D printed medical products. The main products include printed orthoses for feet, ankles, scoliosis, discreet braces and other medical devices.
— We want to offer high-quality and personalised affordable products and services to the people of Belarus. We hope Belarus will become a good friend and partner for us. We are very glad to be in your country. Furthermore, we have a great future, Li Zhifang stated.

With surgical precision

Belarusian residents also have their own experience in innovative medical technologies. The project participant, Human Craft LLC, will produce individual endoprostheses and instruments that are used in medical practice to replace or restore damaged parts of human anatomical structures based on 3D printing technologies. They will be used in surgery, traumatology, dentistry and in the surgical treatment of oncological diseases.
According to Artyom Ruev, Operations Director of Human Craft Company, the company is currently dealing with a number of equipment and documentation issues in the industrial park, and production will be launched at ‘Great Stone’ at the beginning of next year.
— The uniqueness of our products lies in the fact that, unlike standard implants, our implants are made taking into account the unique anatomical features of each patient, which allows us to achieve the best fit and minimise the risk of complications. Already today, our developments are used in various fields of medicine, including orthopaedics, traumatology, dentistry, and neurosurgery. They can be used to replace joints, restore bones and cartilage.
According to him, due to this, surgeons can perform previously inaccessible surgeries that are difficult to perform. This gives a chance for patients with complex problems. At the moment, the company already has a production site in Minsk.
—Now the second production site is being built in the ‘Great Stone’. We decided to expand due to the fact that there is a high demand for our products. Among our works is an endoprosthesis of the clavicle for the Alexandrov National Cancer Centre. Here we also made plates for the reconstruction of the lower jaw with the restoration of chewing function — a high-tech operation. For the National Research Center for Pediatric Oncology, Hematology and Immunology, a scapula endoprosthesis was created. We also co-operate with the Minsk Regional Clinical Hospital and a number of other medical organisations.
Artyom Ruev emphasised that ‘Great Stone’s’ tax and customs benefits would contribute to the company’s development and capacity building, including for export.

By Ilya Kryzhevich