Posted: 08.12.2023 17:25:00

Gryzlov: Belarus, Russia able to solve most ambitious tasks together

The Ambassador Extraordinary and Plenipotentiary of Russia to Belarus, Boris Gryzlov, shared his views at today’s awarding ceremony of the Union State Prize in the Field of Science and Technology

“Russia and Belarus have proved by deed that together they are able to effectively solve any, even the most ambitious, task – while relying on the principles of equality, mutual respect and consideration of national interests. The impressive dynamics of development demonstrated by our countries clearly confirms that the Union State is beginning to reveal its enormous potential,” Mr. Gryzlov stated.

The economy and industry have not only managed to compensate for the losses from Western sanctions in the shortest possible time, but also entered a confident trajectory of qualitative growth. The creation of advanced joint ventures, the development of innovative industries and the implementation of future-oriented projects are on the agenda at present, and the Union State’s new economy is based on high technologies developed by Belarusian and Russian scientists and engineers.

According to the diplomat, Belarus and Russia enjoy huge intellectual capital, which is based on the scientific and educational heritage of the Soviet Union. The countries have managed to preserve and multiply their scientific, educational and technological potential inherited from their common homeland.

“The absence of barriers, the kinship of scientific schools and common approaches in science and technology allow us to constantly expand the planning horizon. The efforts of our scientific community are now aimed not just at conducting joint applied research, but at long-term planning and implementation of large-scale breakthrough projects. This makes the realisation of the tasks set by the presidents of Belarus and Russia to ensure the technological sovereignty of the Union State absolutely feasible,” Mr. Gryzlov stressed.