Posted: 29.03.2023 15:58:00

Governments of Belarus, Russia sign agreement on sci-tech and innovative co-operation

Following the meeting of the Union State Council of Ministers in Moscow, a number of documents were signed aimed at accelerating and deepening integration processes. In particular, the governments of the two countries signed an agreement on sci-tech and innovation co-operation.


Prime ministers of Belarus and Russia, Roman Golovchenko and Mikhail Mishustin, signed the resolution of the Union State Council of Ministers On the Results of Trade-Economic Co-operation between the Republic of Belarus and the Russian Federation for 2021-2022. Resolutions of the Union State Council of Ministers were signed regarding the programmes of the Union State in the field of space (on the creation of a satellite (satellite constellation) and joint research on remote sensing of the Earth), microelectronic technologies, design and production of electronic component base and electronic engineering, on the Union State programme Development of the Border Security of the Union State for 2023-2027 and On the Interstate Centre for Co-ordination of Risk Management and Implementation of Analytical Functions and Monitoring of Customs Operations of the Union State Customs Committee.

As Russian PM Mikhail Mishustin noted in his closing remarks, over the past year and a half, the parties have made significant progress in a number of issues and in the implementation of the Union State programmes.

“Eight of the twenty-eight [programmes] have already been fully implemented. Approximately two-thirds, as I said, we have completed the activities and are advancing at a decent pace. In the coming period, it is important not to slow down, ensuring the implementation of all plans, including the realisation of programmes. I’m convinced that the decisions and agreements adopted today will serve to further strengthen integration within the Union State, becoming a good basis for preparing a meeting of the Supreme State Council,” Mishustin stressed.