Posted: 11.08.2022 09:54:00

Golovchenko shares secret of Belarus’ development model

In his talk to journalists following a working trip to the Soligorsk District, Prime Minister Roman Golovchenko shared the secret of the Belarusian development model

“There are basic aspects that help survive in such difficult conditions. We have primarily many support points – such as diversification of agriculture and food production, chemical and light industry, woodworking, oil refining, and others. It was very difficult not to lose any of the sectors that we had preserved since the times of the BSSR. It required much money and effort, but it is now giving a return,” the Prime Minister said.

According to Mr. Golovchenko, economic development is following a plan – and this also contributes to the stability of the Belarusian model. “We know how much housing we will build this year and next, how many roads and facilities will be included into state programmes, in particular regarding agricultural business. Moreover, we are moving along the path of reformation in a very evolutionary way. No drastic decisions are made, since shying away does not lead to anything good: these might be just subjective decisions, even of a voluntary nature. Something might seem necessary right now, but – after a new manager comes tomorrow – it is decided to be put aside,” he explained.

According to Mr. Golovchenko, people are the main point of support. “Belarusians are very hardworking, and we have a human-centred model. We are trying to do everything possible to develop our industrial, humanitarian and social spheres in a balanced way. We analyse the experience of other countries, including negative one. Some say it is necessary to give everything to private owners, since they are more efficient, are doing better, and are concentrating on profit only. However, we know many examples when maximising profits to the detriment of everything else becomes the main focus for them. Therefore, we are trying to develop state and private ownership in a balanced way. We understand that a private owner will not be able to cover the social sphere to the extent that Belarusians are used to,” the Prime Minister concluded.