Posted: 18.04.2024 12:07:00

Golovchenko on who will take part in Belarusian People’s Congress as delegates and invited persons

All the procedures for electing delegates of the Belarusian People’s Congress have been carried out in accordance with the law – as reported by Prime Minister Roman Golovchenko at today’s meeting with the Head of State on the preparation for the first meeting of the seventh Belarusian People’s Congress

According to the Prime Minister, the list of the 7th Belarusian People’s Congress participants (1,162 delegates) has been fully formed, and the issues of their transportation, accommodation, food, and security have been resolved as well.

Of the 1,162 delegates, 412 are in office and 750 (402 men and 348 women) are elected. “350 people will represent the local councils, and 400 – our civil society. All procedures for electing delegates have been carried out in accordance with the law. Briefcases, badges and certificates have been prepared for all delegates according to the approved samples," Roman Golovchenko reported.

As for the invited persons (who are not delegates of the Belarusian People’s Congress but take part in its work), there are 715 of them – including 68 honoured representatives of the Belarusian society. There are also seven regional delegations, each consisting of 68 people: representatives of the regional media, healthcare and education, law-enforcement agencies and industrial enterprises, former heads of regions and honorary citizens of administrative-territorial units. In addition, foreign citizens (31 people) – representing interstate integration associations, as well as diplomats – will also take part.