Posted: 31.01.2024 14:26:00

Golovchenko: in 2023, Belarus increased exports to Russia’s Astrakhan Region by over 6%

Belarus and the Astrakhan Region noted a significant increase in Belarusian exports to this Russian region in 2022, and according to the results of eleven months of 2023, supplies from our country increased by another 6 percent – as stated by Belarus’ Prime Minister Roman Golovchenko at a meeting with Astrakhan Region Governor Igor Babushkin

The Belarusian Head of Government recalled the details of the Belarusian delegation’s visit to Astrakhan in October 2022, when a service and maintenance centre of the Minsk Tractor Works (MTZ) was opened in the Russian region.

“This gave its results,” stated Roman Golovchenko. “In particular, the supplies of tractors to this region have more than doubled since then. I believe that on the basis of this facility we should develop further directions, of which there are plenty in Belarus, particularly, the entire range of agricultural machinery. This is the task facing our industrialists.”

Roman Golovchenko noted the need to carefully look at the problematic areas in co-operation between Belarus and the Astrakhan Region. One of them is a slight reduction in the supplies from Astrakhan.

“Belarus needs to analyse the reasons for this and take measures to correct the situation. If we immediately talk about the sectors or areas that are probably not being finalised yet, these are construction and the agro-industrial complex. Although both have very serious prospects, they have not yet been realised in the creation of joint serious projects. I propose to give an answer why the necessary results have not been achieved, despite actually good preparatory work that has been conducted, and what needs to be done in order to achieve substantive results,” concluded Belarus’ PM.