Posted: 11.07.2023 17:12:00

Extremely high level of drug shortages expected in the Netherlands

The Royal Dutch Pharmacists Association (KNMP) has declared the shortage of medicines, RIA Novosti reports


"In 2023, the number of scarce medicines will reach a record level," the association stated in a message posted on its website.

In 2022, about 1,514 deficient medicines were registered in the Netherlands. Over the current year, the number of such drugs has already reached 1,179.

"The shortage of medicines caused by problems related to their production, distribution and quality can have huge consequences, as it affects a large group of the population," the source reported.

The list of scarce medicines includes drugs for heart diseases, gout, and infections. KNMP Chairman Aris Prins considers the situation alarming, and he has called on all interested parties in the Netherlands to make a decision to get out of this situation as soon as possible.

Earlier, the Dutch Public Health Council reported that the healthcare system in the country urgently needs reforms, and an increasing number of citizens fail to receive the medical care they have the right to.