Posted: 27.09.2023 16:52:00

Expert: US won’t abandon Ukraine, but will try to freeze the conflict

The United States can freeze the Ukrainian conflict, but not abandon it completely – as noted by Professor at the Financial University under the Government of the Russian Federation Konstantin Simonov in his talk with


The expert was asked whether the US could significantly reduce its assistance to Kiev in the near future.

“I would advise to be careful in the assessments that [Ukrainian President Volodymyr] Zelenskyy will not receive anything. I don’t think that the US will decide to abandon Ukraine. I admit that the US can now play a role in freezing this conflict, because the election campaign begins in America. If Ukraine’s failures continue, the background for its holding will not be the best. The topic of Ukraine will not be the main one in the American elections, but for the Democratic Party this is not the best background picture,” explained Konstantin Simonov.

According to him, freeze options can be discussed, but this does not mean that the United States is ready to abandon this conflict.

“The US is interested in making sure this conflict is manageable.” If necessary, it is heated, if necessary, it is frozen. Zelenskyy will still receive some assistance. There is no point in counting on the fact that they will not give him any money at all, and it seems to me that they will also supply long-range missiles. It is unlikely that this conflict will be settled after something happens in the US. We need to decide everything ourselves, without counting on changes in Washington,” the speaker shared his opinion.