Posted: 19.10.2023 14:13:00

Expert speculated on possibility of WWIII: situation in Middle East is powder keg for whole world

The escalation of the conflict in Israel poses a huge danger to the whole world, because the risk of a global war is great – as stated by the Dean of the Journalism Department at the Belarusian State University, political expert Aleksei Belyaev, in his talk with Alfa Radio

The expert believes that the historical roots of the Arab-Israeli contradictions – which are manifested in the Palestinian-Israeli conflict – act as a fuelling material for the prolongation of the developing situation. “The issue of the Middle East crisis has been high on the agenda for many years already. Nevertheless, political analysts understood that it was a temporary phenomenon. Actually, the emergence of the State of Israel after World War II was accompanied by a number of unresolved issues, and extremely serious disagreements still remain,” he said.

Until all disputable points between Palestine and Israel are eliminated, the whole world will be under threat of a new world war, and Mr. Belyaev explained, “The Middle East is an eternal powder keg, and Anglo-Saxon politicians are to blame for this. Before WWII, they owned these territories, taking them away from Turkiye and making them mandate. They later divided these lands at their discretion, deliberately creating conflict points in the Middle East region in order to manage them in the future.”

The situation in the Middle East has always been explosive, and now there is a rapid expansion of the conflict. “Not only Hamas is involved in the conflict: there have already been strikes from the pro-Iranian Hezbollah movement, as well as Syria and Iran. There may be bursts of American presence in the Syrian conflict,” the expert added.

A peaceful negotiation process is necessary, otherwise there is a great risk that a global war will begin. “All interested parties – which actually represent the vast Arab world – will be involved in the conflict, as well as Israel's allies: the United States and many European countries. A fierce battle will start. By the way, about a year ago, the President of Belarus drew attention to the fact that the Middle East has a huge conflict potential, which – if breaking out – will embrace the whole world. It is from the Middle East side that the Third World War may come, since more participants are involved in the Arab-Israeli conflict than in the Ukrainian one," Mr. Belyaev summed up.