Posted: 24.03.2023 17:16:00

Expert sheds light on consequences of possible supplies of depleted uranium shells to Kiev

If Brits supply Kiev with such ammunition, among other things, the territory of Ukraine will be polluted, and cancer figures may grow in the country – as noted by political expert Aleksandr Shpakovsky in his talk with Alfa Radio

The expert stressed that there are now no prohibiting documents in the field of international law through the UN, which would restrict the use of ammunition of this type. Brits and Americans have been taking use of this situation for quite a long time. Mr. Shpakovsky recalled that depleted uranium shells were used in Yugoslavia, Iraq, and Afghanistan – so this is not a new experience.

“Due to the absence of a ban, it is not assumed that these munitions are a source of increased danger. From the point of view of combat use, the armour-piercing power of the projectile really increases, and critical damage to targets, such as tanks, may be higher than when using conventional shells. At the same time, radioactive dust is released into the environment – to later penetrate into the human body. The studies conducted by Western organisations, for example, in Iraq (where such munitions were used) have showed that a 5-6-fold growth of oncological diseases was registered among the local population. If these munitions are supplied to support a Ukrainian counteroffensive, then this will mean the contamination of the territory of Ukraine," he said.

Mr. Shpakovsky added, “Many experts have repeatedly come to the conclusion that the West, by and large, does not care about the future of Ukraine. This country has been chosen as a training ground, and its population is to play the role of Hurons – fighting against Russia, which is viewed by Anglo-Saxons as hostile.”