Posted: 09.09.2022 11:58:00

Expert predicts famine in Europe after abnormal heat

One of the main drought problems in Europe is that 70 percent of all water is used in agriculture – as noted by Sergei Kravtsov, Deputy Chairman of the Standing Commission on Agrarian Policy of the House of Representatives

“Today, it takes 10 tonnes of water to produce a tonne of wheat, and 30 times more tonnes of milk,” he added. “Even a decrease in the gross harvest of wheat – fraught with a 50 percent increase in the cost of products – is not the last misfortune for the Europeans. No wonder the President of Belarus, Aleksandr Lukashenko, once again reminded during the open lesson, entitled Historical Memory – the Road to the Future that ‘the most dangerous thing is always the economy’. According to the Belarusian leader, natural gas is 20 times cheaper here than in Western Europe, 20 times cheaper than in Poland,” Sergei Kravtsov noted.

Now the fodder harvesting continues, and the cost of fodder in the EU is the highest ever.

“The results are already visible: on average, the shortage of milk per cow per day reaches 3 litres compared to last year,” the expert notes. “But the worst is yet to come. Forage production requires even more moisture. For example, Israel, doesn’t deal with feed at all, there’s a desert there. The main supplier of feed to Israel and the EU, as in the case of grain, is Ukraine and all of Eastern Europe. Due to their deficit, an increase in the cost of livestock products by at least 30 percent is expected. Moreover, the drought does not stop, and it is too early to calculate the final losses. Perhaps, after the heat comes abnormal hunger, as 60 percent of the crop always depends on the climate.”