Posted: 25.02.2024 18:27:00

Expert on parliamentary elections: we pushed restart to entire system of country governance

Today we elect Parliament and local councils – the first step towards the formation of the Belarusian People’s Congress according to the updated Constitution. Actually, we have pushed restart to the entire system of governing the country – as stated by political scientist Piotr Petrovsky, a member of the Scientific Expert Council under the Central Election Commission (CEC).

“The President spoke straightforwardly about restarting the system, about working in a new way, with new powers, with new people,” the expert explained. “Therefore, I believe that Parliament will have greater weight and importance in society.”

According to Piotr Petrovsky, legislative trends aimed at strengthening economic security and internal stability of the state will be preserved.

“The aggravation of the international situation, the division of the world into two camps is not going away,” he stressed. “How parliamentarians will react to this is another issue. I think that this convocation will include more prominent people and media personalities. Based on this, the work of Parliament will become more transparent and will be constantly in the centre of attention. This will not be a handful of little-known people, and this will transform us quite deeply.”