Posted: 07.08.2023 14:23:00

Expert explained why Soviet heritage is being actively destroyed in Ukraine

Aleksei Avdonin, an analyst at the Belarusian Institute for Strategic Studies, speculated on why Ukraine is actively trying to erase the legacy of the Soviet Union. According to him, this is primarily the will of the collective West. Kiev is now removing the USSR coat of arms from its Motherland Monument, and the latter will be renamed into Mother Ukraine. In his talk with Alfa Radio, the expert explained why monuments are being actively demolished not only in Ukraine, but also in the Baltic States.

As noted by Mr. Avdonin, the ongoing events are actually the ones that should have been happening in the territories occupied by the West. “The territories of the Baltic States, Poland, and Ukraine are now under the occupation of the Western forces that opposed the Soviet Union during the Great Patriotic War and the Cold War. Therefore, they are now trying to remove any historical identifications associated with the Great Victory of the Soviet people in their fight against the collective West. Indeed, how can they teach their younger generation if iconic places and memorials telling a different story are preserved on this territory? By rewriting history in textbooks, they are creating an appropriate information field with no monuments, heroes and the Great Victory of the Soviet people over fascism. Everything is completely different in their view, and – to do this – they are destroying the identification and history. We know (and this is probably already a classic of any psychological warfare) that if you want to reformat any nation, you primarily need to reformat its history and make information zombies out of people who would believe in an alternative history and an alternative future.

With this in mind, they are now actively engaged in the destruction of all monuments,” the expert explained.

The West is also destroying the Soviet legacy in industry and agriculture. As noted by Mr. Avdonin, this is necessary for greater subordination of these territories. “It is clear that they will not write in the history textbooks that the strongest economic growth of these republics [Ukraine, Lithuania, Latvia and Estonia] was registered in the Soviet period. However, the fact is that the USSR fulfilled the key postulates of classical economic theory by creating industries, mechanising agriculture, increasing the number of goods and services produced, improving the infrastructure and people’s well-being, ensuring an eight-hour working day and guaranteeing the rights of workers and villagers. After the arrival of the collective West in these countries, industrial conquests, achievements in agriculture and so on were destroyed in order to replace national goods and services with goods of large Western corporations. The latter need sales markets, and – by seizing the territories of Eastern Europe economically and informationally – they thereby ensure the solution of their main economic problems: in particular, the problem of overproduction. They throw their own goods into these markets, and the most important target for them is to ensure their advantage by destroying national industries,” the expert noted.