Posted: 26.09.2023 14:16:00

Expert: Belarusian special services work proactively, minimising risks and challenges

The customers of the planned sabotage and terrorist attacks on the territory of Belarus have one task: to return the country to the course of the events of 2020 in order to destabilise the situation and overthrow the legitimate government – as stated by the Deputy Chairman of the Standing Committee on National Security of the House of Representatives, Aleksandr Markevich

“The most sophisticated methods are used for the implementation of such plans, and people – who, to put it mildly, are not able to adequately assess the consequences of their criminal actions and are ready to put their Homeland under attack for relatively miserable payment – are involved. After all, they are not able to understand that, in addition to severe responsibility under the law (up to the death penalty), they generate a lifelong curse among all Belarusians. Our special services are highly professional, since they work proactively, minimising all modern risks and challenges as much as possible. Recent events confirm that sabotage and terrorist attacks were not prepared in garages and basements: professional and organised training with the help of foreign patrons was obvious. The Ukrainian regime has been assigned an unenviable role by external management: to weaken the Union State as much as possible. We are now observing the results of the work of the Ukrainian special services, which operate under the patronage of those from the West. Meanwhile, they will fail in creating an illusion that people dissatisfied with the authorities have become more active in Belarus, since our law enforcement officers are detecting all external sources of terrorism with cogent reason,” Mr. Markevich noted.