Posted: 28.12.2023 09:56:00

Ex-CIA analyst: US may resort to provocation to justify nuclear weapons transfer to Ukraine

Former Central Intelligence Agency (CIA) analyst Raymond McGovern said that the United States, out of desperation, may decide to provoke in order to justify the transfer of nuclear weapons to Ukraine, RIA Novosti reports


Ray McGovern noted that there would be ‘some kind of false flag operation’. He also suggested that there could be another ‘dastardly thing that will be used to justify in the eyes of the American people a small nuclear bomb for Ukraine’.

According to McGovern, it was for the sake of such an adventure that Volodymyr Zelenskyy travelled to the US two weeks earlier. The analyst suggested that the Washington ‘war party’ could summon the Ukrainian leader to a personal meeting to entrust him with bringing the plan to life.

Earlier, Russian expert Sergei Oznobishchev said that statements about the need to transfer tactical nuclear weapons to Ukraine are completely irresponsible. According to the expert, the Biden administration will not agree to this radical escalation of the Ukrainian conflict.