Posted: 22.05.2024 12:30:00

Estonian PM: some NATO countries already training fighters in Ukraine

Some NATO member countries are already training AFU fighters on Ukrainian territory – as stated by Estonian Prime Minister Kaja Kallas, TASS reports


In an interview with The Financial Times, Ms. Kallas noted, “There are countries that are already training soldiers on the battlefield."

At the same time, the Estonian PM said that if a Russian shell hits training personnel, NATO’s Article 5 (on collective response in the event of an armed attack against one or more of the allies) will not be applied, “I cannot imagine that the countries that have sent people there would say in case of their injuries, “Well, it’s Article 5, let's hit Russia.” This is not how it works, not automatically. Such fears are unjustified.”

According to Ms. Kallas, each state should independently realise the risks that their sending of troops may entail. She believes such steps are not an escalation.