Posted: 20.03.2023 16:34:00

Electricity from BelNPP to Russian market can be delivered in 2024

The possibility of supplying electricity from the Belarusian nuclear power plant (BelNPP) to the Russian market will appear in 2024 – as noted by Pavel Zavalny, the Chairman of the Energy Committee of the Russian State Duma, during a meeting with Belarus’ Energy Minister Viktor Karankevich in Minsk

During the event, the parties discussed topical issues of bilateral co-operation in the field of the fuel and energy complex, paying special attention to the implementation of the Union State programmes.

“We have broad prospects for co-operation in connection with the forthcoming commissioning of the BelNPP second power unit. A full-fledged wholesale electricity market has been created in Russia. As part of the integration of our markets, from the beginning of next year it will be possible to supply electricity from the BelNPP to the Russian market,” said Pavel Zavalny

Moreover, according to him, liaisons between Belarus and Russia are also being worked out in non-energy areas of application of nuclear technologies, such as nuclear medicine, new materials, and IT.

“Russia is ready to offer the latest developments in the interests of developing the integration processes of our countries,” he stressed, adding that another possible area of co-operation is to expand the use of gas motor fuel.