Posted: 05.09.2023 13:53:00

Eismont on Warsaw’s refusal to send observers to Combat Brotherhood: Poland is following the CSTO exercise

Despite the refusal to send its observers to the Combat Brotherhood-2023 CSTO exercise, Poland is following military manoeuvres quite actively, but from its own territory – as stated by Ivan Eismont, the Chairman of the Belarusian State TV and Radio Company, in his talk with Alfa Radio

Combat Brotherhood-2023 joint operational-strategic exercise is taking place in Belarus from September 1st-6th. As part of the military manoeuvres, joint and special drills are being held, which include the training of various components of the CSTO troops (Collective Forces). During the exercise, training grounds and areas of the Brest, Grodno and Minsk regions are involved.

“I think the Poles are still watching the military drills, but from their own territory. In general, what is happening now in Poland should be treated with kind condescension, sometimes even with pity towards the people who are watching everything. There is an election campaign going on in Poland. There are two opposing sides on an equal footing: the team of [Polish President Andrzej] Duda and that of [the leader of the Polish opposition, former head of the European Council Donald] Tusk,” Ivan Eismont recalled.

According to him, everything that happens in Poland should be commented based on this.

“The CSTO exercise is taking place near Poland. Our President has repeatedly stated that we are open to all partners. It was not us who spoiled the relations with Poles, bringing them to such a bad state. It was the Poles who interfered in Belarus’ internal affairs. Remember, the hacked correspondence of the head of the chancellery of Poland’s PM in 2020, where they openly discussed that a cool situation has developed in Belarus; it’s not their story, it’s our story. I quote almost verbatim: it’s necessary to use this in our political issues. Some humanitarian aid was sent to the border. It seems that soon they will need humanitarian assistance themselves,” said Ivan Eismont.

The Belteleradiocompany Chairman recalled that it was the Poles who financed the extremists.

“They sheltered them, met with them at the state level. People who are planning terrorist acts in Belarus are on the territory of Poland, and it is known. There are also combat detachments that are preparing for an attack on Belarus. This is being openly stated. It’s an unprecedented escalation towards neighbours. Our leadership is much wiser. The President recently stated that we are ready to improve relations. Moreover, in a situation where, in fact, NATO is at war with the Russian Federation, our ally, the NATO side is invited to observe the exercise from the inside. Naturally, they refuse. <...> They ignored this proposal, although I am sure that they have full information about what is happening with us. In general, we don’t hide much,” concluded Ivan Eismont.