Posted: 14.01.2022 13:32:00

Dzermant: people actively discuss draft Constitution

The nationwide discussion of draft amendments and additions to the Constitution is very active: people ask numerous questions and make constructive proposals – as stated by political expert Aleksei Dzermant in his talk with Alfa Radio

“People are keenly interested in this process. We meet with different teams – at enterprises and organisations, with regional activists. They all are different. People are interested mostly in social matters – such as guarantees, responsibilities, and also the foreign policy. I meet no indifferent people. They ask thorny questions, and disputes sometimes arise. Many are concerned whether it is necessary to specify that marriage is a union of a woman and a man by birth. They fail to understand why it is important to limit presidential office holders to two terms. Generally speaking, it never happens that we need to simply report on something – in the form of a monologue. People have read the text and are ready to offer something constructively. I am pleased with this,” Mr. Dzermant said.

When commenting on the fugitives’ calls to boycott the referendum, the expert suggested that Belarusians would not succumb to this. “Based on my live communication with people, I believe that the majority will come to the referendum. I meet different people in different places and I feel this nerve. I see that Belarusians are interested in the issue. They carefully delve into the problems under discussion and I think they will express their opinion. We will, in turn, take it for granted,” he added.