Posted: 13.05.2022 11:39:00

Demolition and fight against monuments show weakness of Western politicians, MEP believes

Anatoly Nasenya, a member of the Standing Commission on Economic Policy of the House of Representatives, shared this opinion with the portal. In particular, he noted that the fight against monuments, the proposed demolition of the monument to the Liberators in Riga, the removing of flowers by bulldozers lying in front of the monument to Soviet soldiers-liberators show the level of cynicism of European officials.

“What we can observe today discredit Western politicians. Their fight against monuments to Soviet soldiers-liberators looks cynical and low. Such actions are on the verge of human understanding. All this speaks of the weakness of the leaders of the countries of the collective West,” stressed the deputy.

The parliamentarian also underlined that our country has never allowed anything like this, “Each of us understands at what cost our grandfathers and great-grandfathers got the Great Victory, a peaceful sky and the opportunity to live and work in a prosperous country, under a peaceful sky. We see the attitude of people who continue to carry the spark of memory of our ancestors. We have a gene of winners, and we are rightfully proud of it, passing on from generation to generation the truth about those tragic events and bringing historical truth to the youngsters.”