Posted: 03.07.2023 12:04:00

Cosmonaut Oleg Novitsky: Independence Day of Belarus is a very significant holiday for me

Hero of the Russian Federation, cosmonaut, native of Belarus Oleg Novitsky joined the congratulations addressed to the Belarusian people on the occasion of the Independence Day of the Republic of Belarus. Communicating with the media, he named this memorable day among the important state dates of both Russia and Belarus.

Answering the question of the media about the significance of the date of July 3rd for him during a solemn reception at the Belarusian embassy in Russia, Oleg Novitsky said, “Of course, this is a very significant holiday for me both as for a Belarusian and as a citizen of Russia. I’m very glad that we walked and will walk together, side by side. We share the same understanding of life, we share the same dreams and plans.”

Oleg Novitsky said that he would be very happy when a female citizen of Belarus flies into space which is scheduled for next year.

“What would I wish Belarusians on Independence Day? Never to change. Because this is one of the most reliable partners of Russia, one of the most calm and patient nations, and, probably, the most decent,” the cosmonaut concluded.