Posted: 05.12.2022 17:43:00

Centre for treatment of children with congenital maxillofacial deformities established in Vitebsk

A regional centre aimed to provide medical care to patients with congenital maxillofacial deformities has been established on the basis of the Vitebsk Regional Children's Clinical Hospital, the Vitebsk State Medical University reports

One in a thousand children in Belarus is born with congenital maxillofacial deformities, and their treatment requires specialised comprehensive medical care, including the efforts of different specialists – such as neonatologists, paediatricians, maxillofacial surgeons, speech and rehabilitation therapists, otorhinolaryngologists, orthodontists, teachers, psychologists, psychiatrists and hearing specialists. Timely implementation of primary surgical treatment determines the success of comprehensive rehabilitation and social adaptation of patients with congenital cleft upper lip and palate.

Complex medical technologies are concentrated in the centre, and highly qualified medical specialists will be involved in providing assistance to patients with congenital maxillofacial pathology, conducting scientific research, and providing specialised assistance in healthcare organisations of the Vitebsk Region.