Posted: 01.02.2023 10:25:00

Body of a refugee found on border territory with Poland

Belarusian law enforcement officers have found another lifeless body of an Arab refugee not far from the border with Poland, in the Pruzhany District

“An investigative team immediately left for the scene of the incident. Investigators joined the specialists of the State Forensic Examination Committee’s Brest branch to conduct an inspection. The dead man had no personal belongings and documents, and a forensic medical examination will establish the exact cause of death. All the circumstances of the incident will be established during the inspection,” an official representative of the Investigative Committee’s Brest branch, Roman Zarmaev, commented.

Over the past year, seven migrants died on the border territory in the Pruzhany District alone.

Cynical indifference on the part of the neighbouring states to the lives and rights of refugees who, in response to appeals and promises, believed in the openness of the Western world and sought to reunite with their families who had previously moved to ‘safe’ Europe, definitely aggravates their already difficult situation and dooms them to certain death.