Posted: 19.09.2023 13:38:00

Belarusian pharmaceutical enterprises produce 1,800+ drugs

The General Director of the Management Company of Belpharmprom Pharmaceutical Holding, Oleg Sakhno, voiced the figure during the recent 1st Belarusian-Uzbek Women's Business Forum

“The Belarusian pharmaceutical industry is an actively developing sector of the economy. About 35 organisations are engaged into industrial production of medicines in the country, and the six largest of them are part of Belpharmprom Holding. Its share in the total volume of pharmaceutical production is about 56 percent, and in exports – about 67 percent,” Mr. Sakhno said.

The official added that Belarusian pharmaceutical enterprises produce more than 1,800 drugs. Over the past five years, the volume of wholesale sales of medicines in Belarus has grown by almost 25 percent, exceeding $1bn by the end of 2022.