Posted: 05.05.2022 12:18:00

Belarusian export geography expanding

Belarus is actively developing exports: last year, around 45 countries bought its products – as noted by Agriculture and Food Minister Igor Brylo in his talk with MIR24 TV channel, BelTA reports

"The geography of Belarusian sales is annually expanding; exports of bread and confectionery products are growing as well. Last year, our food was sold to 44 countries around the world. Belarus enjoyed quite good indicators of its food sales in 2021: the growth rate made about 120 percent. We began the year 2022 with about the same growth," Mr. Brylo said.

According to the Agriculture and Food Minister, many food items are being sold abroad, and products with long shelf life are mostly in demand. Exports are supposed to be further expanded and, according to Mr. Brylo, different supply directions are in focus. “Our enterprises have no problems with logistics at present,” he stressed.