Posted: 08.05.2024 14:42:00

Belarus’ PM: Victory is not only pages in textbooks, but also lessons that must be applied in practice

Victory is not only pages in textbooks, but also lessons that must be applied in practice – as stated by Prime Minister Roman Golovchenko after the flower-laying ceremony at the T-34 monument in Ostroshitsky Gorodok. It was installed in honour of both the soldiers who defended the territories near the Belarusian capital in the first days of the war, and the soldiers of the 5th Guards Tank Army, who liberated the village, and then Minsk in July 1944. Thanks to brave soldiers, as well as local partisans and underground fighters, Ostroshitsky Gorodok became the only rural settlement in Belarus that was awarded the pennon For Courage and Fortitude During Great Patriotic War by the Presidential decree.”

“Victory is not only pages in textbooks, but also lessons that need to be known and applied in practice. I’m sure that we have made the right conclusions that the policy of appeasing the aggressor almost never bears fruit. It’s necessary to be always ready to defend one’s own country and anticipate the developments, while the country’s leadership must be prepared for any scenarios, adequately perceive all ongoing processes and do everything to ensure that war never comes to our land again. This can only be done by correctly analysing the situation and making the necessary decisions, including political,” Roman Golovchenko noted.

The Head of Government drew attention to the fact that the younger generation needs to be substantively conveyed truthful information about the events of those years, “Now children do not have close communication with the direct participants of those events, with the Great Patriotic War veterans. Therefore, victory means something festive, fireworks, banners, and a parade for many of them. We talk a lot about the suffering of the Belarusian land, about the genocide of the Belarusian people.”

According to him, it is important to explain to them that victory is not only a holiday, but also a long journey lasting four years, made up of many tens of thousands of small victories that each person won.

“There were not only victories on this path, but also failures and defeats. The most important is that each of these victories was earned by each person. Each of them had to make a difficult choice, which often involved self-sacrifice in the name of the Motherland. It is important to convey to the younger generation that this is also important now. The readiness of our ancestors for self-sacrifice, courage, valour and bravery may still be needed nowadays,” Mr. Golovchenko summed up.