Posted: 29.05.2024 15:08:00

Lukashenko: Belarus in favour of possibility of continuing manned space programme

Belarus does not exclude the possibility of continuing the manned space programme – as stated by President Aleksandr Lukashenko during his today’s conversation with employees of Legmash Plant JSC in Orsha

The Head of State recalled that, since Soviet times, Belarus has had its own niche in the space industry. “We produce a lot for space, especially now: i.e. microelectronics and chips. We help our cosmonautics that has remained in Russia. In Soviet times, we manufactured a lot – including the spacecraft avionics and skin. We produced – and are still making – good space satellites for remote sensing of the Earth, we can make communication satellites, and so on. It is our niche. We are working in this direction, and we will continue this work. Another point is microelectronics: we have carefully maintained our production,” he said.

Aleksandr Lukashenko also mentioned Russia's plans to build its own orbital station and informed on the possible participation of Belarusian specialists in the project, “As I was told by Putin, Russians are starting to build their own space station. There is an international one at present, and our cosmonaut flew there. Meanwhile, they will build their own. The President of Russia proposed us to join, to work over the station together, if we wish – to the extent it is possible. We will think over it. If our smart people decide to participate, then we will. Actually, this is not the main point for us either. We need to preserve our sector.”

As for the continuation of flights of Belarusian cosmonauts, there is an agreement that the Russian side, if necessary, can include representatives of Belarus. “Putin and I came to an agreement. He said they are ready to include in the list of cosmonauts [there are two girls: one of them flew into space, and the other was her understudy],” Aleksandr Lukashenko noted.

The President explained: this means that Belarusian cosmonauts will undergo constant training, and they will fly after a while as part of a specific programme. However, if new cosmonauts need to be chosen, then there will be a serious selection.

“If anyone wants [to participate], then you are welcome. We have agreed with Russians on a competition. Those who pass it will join a group of cosmonauts and start training. It is a hard job, it is risky – but, definitely, it is popular,” the Head of State added.