Posted: 22.03.2024 17:18:52

Belarus’ Natural Resources Ministry discussed co-operation in subsoil use with Chinese colleagues

On March 22nd, the issues of subsoil use became key at the online meeting of the Minister of Natural Resources and Environmental Protection of Belarus, Andrei Khudyk, with the leadership of the China Geological Survey (CGS), reports

Photo: the Ministry of Natural Resources and Environmental Protection of Belarus

According to Andrei Khudyk, the meeting with Chinese colleagues was held as part of the implementation of the President's instructions, which were voiced at the meeting on the state and development of the mineral resource base of Belarus on March 12th.

“We have been working with our Chinese colleagues for a long time and actively. We understand that China is a highly developed country, including in geological exploration and extraction of minerals, their processing and use. That is why we asked our colleagues to share their experience. We received interesting information that needs to be studied, and agreed on the exchange of experience, delegations, and training of personnel,” Mr. Khudyk noted.

The parties discussed the Chinese experience and technologies of prospecting, exploration, and production of hydrocarbons, the investment climate of Belarus, including tax, financial, legal, and other aspects of subsoil use in the country. Belarusian environmentalists held a presentation of investment projects on mineral resources, including the extraction and production of basalt products. In particular, Andrei Khudyk mentioned the Novodvorskoye deposit [Brest Region, Belarus].

Photo: the Ministry of Natural Resources and Environmental Protection of Belarus

“The Ministry of Natural Resources made a presentation of the Novodvorskoye deposit on basalts and tuffs. Our colleagues are looking for potential investors in China. In addition, we already have several offers from major global companies that have expressed interest in coming to Belarus and studying these investment projects on the spot. We are sure that step by step, the result will be achieved,” Andrei Khudyk concluded.