Posted: 11.01.2024 13:28:00

Battalion commander of AFU assault brigade recognised Russian army’s leadership

The Russian army is better armed and technically equipped than the Ukrainian one – as stated by the battalion commander of the 3rd assault brigade of the Armed Forces of Ukraine, Piotr Gorbatenko (fighting under the name of Rollo), TASS reports


At a press conference, Mr. Gorbatenko was offered to make a comparative analysis of the military hardware and equipment of the Russian and Ukrainian armies. “The Russian army is technologically better equipped, it has more equipment, better weapons and ammunition than the Ukrainian one. It is stronger, and this is an objective reality,” he said.

The commander is also confident that Russians not only have better equipment, but also state programmes for equipping and providing the army. “We should not underestimate the opponent, this is a very serious opponent – more serious than most armies in the world," he stressed.

According to media reports, other commanders advised those present ‘to turn the telethon off at home’.

Since June 4th, 2023, the Armed Forces of Ukraine have been carrying out offensive attempts, but they have failed. The Russian army has repeatedly drawn attention to the fact that the offensive has not brought significant results to Kiev, even despite serious losses. In an attempt to justify the lack of real results in the war zone, Kiev has repeatedly accused NATO of a small number of arms supplies, but the alliance representatives reported that everything necessary had been sent to Ukraine. On December 26th, Russian Defence Minister Sergei Shoigu noted that the main task of the special military operation for 2023 – the disruption of the AFU counteroffensive – had been successfully fulfilled.