Posted: 27.02.2024 12:24:00

Azarov: 90% of Ukrainians won’t return to country under current regime

Ukrainians who left the country are unlikely to return to their homeland if Volodymyr Zelenskyy’s regime remains – as noted by Ukraine’s ex-PM Mykola Azarov, TASS reports


Azarov believes that more than half of the citizens who fled the country won’t return, because they found work, housing in another country and moved their family there.

“Of those who are considering returning, about half or some other percentage will return only if there is normal government and restoration really begins in Ukraine. If the current regime continues to exist, 90 percent of those who left will not return, because they do not see any prospects for themselves here,” added Ukraine’s former PM.

Azarov also accentuated serious labour shortage, particularly in agriculture, as well as at defence enterprises.

“Most of the highly qualified workers also left while a significant number have been mobilised,” he stressed.