Posted: 19.04.2024 11:43:00

A Girl from Belarus children's book joined annual top-15 list in Brazil

A Girl from Belarus by popular writer B. Franco – which joined ‘an annual list of top 15 books to read’ – has gone on sale in Brazil, reports with reference to the Belarusian Foreign Ministry’s press service

According to the source, Brazilian children will be able to learn more about Belarus thanks to this book, as its plot takes ‘the characters somewhere between Druya and Braslav’. A Girl from Belarus has been included into an annual list of ‘top 15 books to read’, according to one of the largest Brazilian daily newspapers Folha de S.Paulo.

"It is very pleasant that the story is taking its characters to Belarus, and readers are becoming a step closer to our country and the Belarusian language. In a difficult time of political confrontations, children's literature remains a world without borders, where heroes can safely find themselves anywhere in the world. The author of this fantastic story has built an exciting storyline, in which there are many mysteries and riddles, the answers to which young readers receive in each subsequent chapter of the book," the Foreign Ministry noted.

A unique copy of the book with the author's autograph and two original illustrations to the publication have been sent to the library of the Embassy of Belarus in Brazil.