Posted: 22.06.2023 16:40:00

Sunak: 400+ enterprises from 38 countries will help restore Ukraine

Over 400 enterprises from 38 countries declared that they are ready to help the restoration of Ukraine – as noted by British Prime Minister Rishi Sunak, RIA Novosti reports


During a conference on the reconstruction of Ukraine, held in London, Sunak said, “We are launching the Ukraine Business Compact so that the private sector can pledge support for the recovery and reconstruction of Ukraine.”

According to him, over 400 enterprises from 38 countries with a combined market capital of $4.9 trillion have already signed this agreement. Which states are included in this list, Sunak did not specify.

This agreement is a voluntary initiative that has no legal force. It is expected that the agreement will help attract businesses to the reconstruction of Ukraine after the hostilities, as well as ‘accelerate positive changes’ in this country.