Posted: 26.10.2021 14:15:00

Ways to join Israel’s construction market discussed

Prospects for exporting Belarusian timber and metal products to Israel, as well as a strategy for entering this market have been discussed at a meeting of the Belarusian Universal Commodity Exchange (BUCE) with a large Israeli group of companies accredited as a non-resident broker – as informed by the BUCE press service

A marketing research conducted by the Israelis has confirmed high demand on Belarusian products and their competitiveness. “The company has every chance to enter the Israeli market and occupy a certain niche there. It is best to start with exports of timber since – prior to becoming a stockbroker – we have been engaged in procurement and distribution of woodworking products for a long time. Our customer base is actually a ready pool of buyers. In addition, we plan to promote Belarusian metal products and, in this product category, the Israeli market is estimated at about $4bn. This means that it’s potentially possible to sell almost any volume through the exchange platform. At the moment, Israel is experiencing a construction boom. Rebar and metal structures are in great demand. BUCE ensures control over the execution of transactions and this will serve as an additional incentive for the purchase of Belarusian goods,” Boris Gelfand, a co-founder of the Israeli holding, said.

The Chairman of the BUCE Board, Aleksandr Osmolovsky, emphasised the exchange’s great interest in developing trade with Israel. He proposed to unite efforts to achieve a synergistic effect, “You know the Israeli market very well, maintain contacts with all major players and, thanks to the lack of a language barrier, you will be able to properly present our platform. For our part, we are ready to assist you in finding business partners in Belarus – not only in the field of woodworking or metallurgy but across the entire range of domestic goods. Over 21,000 Belarusian companies are accredited with BUCE and I guess many of them would like to supply their products to Israel. On uniting efforts, we will be able to build a strong trade bridge between our countries.”