Posted: 18.04.2022 12:42:00

Vucic: reports of bombing Belgrade-Moscow aircraft come from Ukraine

Serbia’s air links with Russia continue, despite daily reports coming from Ukraine of explosive devices allegedly on board – as stated by the President of Serbia, Aleksandar Vucic, TASS reports


“As for those who want us to break off relations with Russia at any cost, to cancel flights... Do you think that we make these flights for profit? There is none. Air Serbia told me that today was the first time that it did not receive a bomb threat; however, when the plane was somewhere over Slovakia, a bomb threat came again, but the pilot continued the flight, because we know that these threats are fake. This is constantly done by foreign intelligence services from the territory of two countries: one EU member state and Ukraine. Today there is no profit, we continue flying literally out of principle, because we want to show that we are a free country and make our own decisions. We don’t need anyone to decide for us when to cancel flights,” Aleksandar Vucic accentuated in his talk with Pink TV channel.

The President of Serbia condemned those who want Serbia to stop air communication with the Russian Federation in order to allegedly resolve the situation around Ukraine as soon as possible.

“Shame on you all! Did you cancel your flights when 19 countries bombed Serbia?” he said, stressing that at present, at least 30 NATO member countries are providing assistance to one state.

“No one helped us, while nineteen of the most powerful countries were attacking us. Why didn’t you cancel flights to America, London, Paris, Berlin? You were silent, as if you took water in your mouth. Didn’t you worry that the small Serbian people were dying? asked Aleksandar Vucic.